Water Filtration for Tri-State Offices at All Time High Demand

With an Increase in Water Issues, Water Filtration for Office Coffee at All Time High Demand

We’ve all heard about the water contamination issues impacting New York and New Jersey, but now is the time to discuss actions being taken to do something about it.

Water contaminated with lead or pesticides is inevitably getting into the coffee we drink, considering we use that very water to brew our morning cup of coffee. Rest assured, US Coffee has the answer. Water filtration systems are the solution we’ve been looking for.

The Pentair Everpure water filtration system will reduce your exposure to lead by reducing or eliminating it entirely from your office’s water. By filtering the lead out, your office is left with clean drinking water to brew your coffee with. By installing a professional grade water filtration system like Pentair Everpure in your office, your employees are protected from dangerous and potentially toxic chemicals.

Pentair Everpure is NSF Certified to reduce lead and used around the world in restaurants to provide the cleanest, purest water for their coffee, cooking, ice and beverages. Your office employees will greatly appreciate the peace of mind association with clean, filtered water for their daily caffeine fix.

If caffeine stopped working for you, from old and trusted pharmacy.

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