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The widest selection of coffee in the industry.

 At US Coffee, we know every employee is unique. That’s why we offer the widest selection of coffee in the industry. With hundreds of coffee options to select from, we guarantee you’ll find something to brighten each and every employee’s day. What are you waiting for? Become the office rock star today!

Gourmet Coffee

US Coffee believes you deserve the highest quality coffee on the market. That’s why we offer our customers gourmet coffee prepared by local roasters known for their fair-trade practices and farm-fresh ingredients.We’ve teamed up with renowned local roasters including Intelligentsia, Counter Culture Coffee, Irving Farm, MUD Coffee, Wandering Bear and City of Saints to provide our customers with coffee that’s locally roasted to order, prepared just 24-48 orders before it’s delivered to your office. It’s important to us that your employees get to experience the difference that third wave coffee makes.


Keurig K-Cups

Known for their convenience, speed and variety, Keurig k-cups have become a staple in every office break room. US Coffee is a proud to be named a Keurig Authorized Brewer, which means we only carry products approved by Keurig thus making them safe for your brewer. The Keurig Authorized Brewer seal is the only mark of genuine Keurig quality. Single-serve coffee k-cups come in thousands of flavors and roasts at affordable prices, allowing you to quickly and easily order something that satisfies all your colleagues. We offer a wide variety of Keurig k-cups, including best selling brands like Green Mountain, Coffee People, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Tully’s – just to name a few.

Coffee Pods

At US Coffee, we understand that every office is different. While one office may love the way a Keurig brewer fits in their break room, others might want a different single-serve option. That’s why we carry coffee pods along with our pod brewing systems. What’s the difference between Keurig k-cups and coffee pods? Coffee pods are sealed inside filter paper and have a softer consistency. In addition to being more inexpensive than k-cups, pods are more sustainable and easier to recycle. Whether it be Keurig or a pod brewer, our coffee experts are here to help you find the best brewing option for your office.


FLAVIA, a subdivision of MARS drinks, brews single-serve cups of coffee with their trademark freshpacks. Freshpacks are foil-sealed to protect its contents from oxygen and moisture and meant to be used with FLAVIA certified brewers. FLAVIA has worked directly with coffee experts to develop an exceptionally curated line of beverages. In addition to ground coffee freshpacks, FLAVIA also offers high-pressure brewed espresso, cappucinos, lattes and specialty drinks. There ALTERRA coffee roasters line comes in dozens of different roasts and flavors to satisfy every taste. In addition to coffee and specialty drinks, FLAVIA also has a line of real-leaf black teas.


If your office craves specialty single-serve coffee, Tassimo t-discs are the way to go. Tassimo uses an innovative Intellibrew barcode system to brew specialty beverages according to your unique preferences.  The system reads the individual Tassimo t-disc information and then brews. Thanks to their advanced Intellibrew technology, Tassimo coffee makers can brew a variety of hot drinks including filtered style coffee, cappuccino and short espresso. They offer a variety of t-discs from renowned brands such as Gevalia, Suchard and Twinings, so you can brew authentic cafe style beverages without ever leaving the office.


Branded as “Italy’s Favorite Coffee,” Lavazza is known for combining different types of coffee from all around the world. Lavazza has a special line of espresso brewers accompanied by Lavazza capsules such as Crema & Aroma and Espresso Blue. Lavazza incorporates more than 100 years of experience to bring you authentic flavors and quality in each and every espresso. Thanks to Lavazza capsules, you can enjoy premium espressos, cappuccinos, cafe lattes and other traditional Italian coffees – directly in your office. Show your employees how much you value them by giving them a fresher, budget-friendly alternative to the coffee shop down the corner.

Ground Coffee

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That’s how we view our traditional ground coffee selection. At US Coffee, we believe there’s a reason why our customers have been relying on ground coffee for so many years. Sometimes all you need is a classic brewing method to get a delicious cup of coffee. We offer ground coffee in many different sizes and quantities, from 2.5oz bags to 5lb bags and beyond, to accommodate offices of all sizes. We have a variety of ground coffee roasted to perfection from fresh beans and plants from all around the world. In addition to best sellers like Starbucks and Peet’s, we also carry locally roasted products that guarantee ultimate freshness.

Whole Bean Coffee

There’s something special about purchasing coffee in it’s purest form. Whole bean coffee has a fresh-off-the-farm vibe that coffee lovers yearn for. Nothing quite compares to receiving a bag of coffee that was harvested from a small farm in some faraway, exotic location and then roasted to perfection. If your office is full of premium coffee lovers who want that cafe style feeling during their break, you’ve come to the right place. US Coffee carries tons of varieties, roasts and flavors in whole bean form, from both chains like Starbucks and artisan coffee roasters like Intelligentsia. We promise even your most adventurous coffee drinkers will never get bored with our selection.

Cold Brew

Meet the next big office coffee trend: cold brew. US Coffee recently unveiled our very own Cold Brew Program. We’ve teamed up with two local coffee roasters, Wandering Bear and City of Saints, so we can offer your office a variety of cold brew iced coffee solutions. Wandering Bear is a perfect option for small to medium offices who can’t get enough of iced coffee and are sick of brew over ice options that lack quality. Their unique cold brew box not only fits in office fridges of all sizes; it also effortlessly dispenses coffee and is easy to recycle. For iced coffee lovers that work in medium to large offices, we’ll provide a kegerator filled with gourmet City of Saints cold brew coffee. We’ll set it up, take care of refills, and do all the dirty work. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your refreshing glass of cold brew.



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