Ground Coffee

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That’s how we view our traditional ground coffee selection. At US Coffee, we believe there’s a reason why our customers have been relying on ground coffee for so many years.

We offer ground coffee in many different sizes and quantities, from 2.5oz bags to 5lb bags and beyond, to accommodate offices of all sizes. We have a variety of ground coffee roasted to perfection from fresh beans and plants from all around the world. In addition to best sellers like Starbucks and Green Mountain, we also carry locally roasted products that guarantee ultimate freshness.

Ground coffee brewed in a traditional brewer allows your office to keep it simple. US Coffee’s selection of traditional brewers includes glass pot systems, thermal carafes and high volume brewers for your office. Unlike single-serve brewing systems, traditional brewers require little maintenance or service. Many coffee connoisseurs say traditional coffee makers are the best brewing method for the most flavorful, well-balanced cup of coffee.

It’s hard to believe, but ground coffee has benefits beyond brewing. Ground coffee’s beauty benefits include reducing cellulite, exfoliating dead skin to reveal a youthful glow and reducing puffy eyes.

US Coffee understands how hard it is to choose the perfect office coffee service. That’s why we let you try one of our traditional brewing systems and provide a coffee tasting – for free. Sign up today!