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US Coffee Introduces Vivreau Water Systems

US Coffee Introduces Vivreau Water Systems

Looking for a water system for your office that provides high-quality table water in an environmentally friendly way? Look no further than the Vivreau Water System! Instead of traditional bottled water, the Vivreau Water System uses glass bottles and Vi Taps to help companies make better, more responsible water choices.


US Coffee has teamed up with Vivreu, an industry leader in premium, high-quality table water, to deliver water that is cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, promotes health and wellness and focuses on brand building. All Vivreu water is “mains-fed,” meaning water is drawn directly from your central water system and then filtered to purity without stripping away essential minerals.

Available in Vi-Tap dispensers, high volume bottle systems, countertop bottle systems and exclusive Vivreau bottles, the Vivreau Water System is the ultimate water system for corporate settings. By making water easily accessible, Vivreau encourages employees to choose water over less healthy beverages; a key part of corporate health & wellness. Vivreau also eliminates dependence on costly and wasteful and single-serve plastic bottled water. Communicate your environmental stewardship stance to a captive audience by contacting us about getting the Vivreau Water System for your office!

Contact us today for a free in-office trial of the Vivreau Water System. For more than 40 years, US Coffee has been the premier coffee service for the tri-state area. In addition to full break room service, we also provide vending services, water services and carry more than 40,000 office supplies. We’ve built a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy one-stop shops for all your office and break room needs. We get the job done quickly, efficiently and diligently, so you can focus on yours.


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