Flavia is a hot beverage system that prepares single serve beverages like coffee, tea and specialty drinks that office employees have come to love. Flavia, a subdivision of Mars Drinks, provides coffee brewers that produce the highest-quality and freshest coffee for a refreshing boost of energy at any point during the work day.

Lavazza Professional acquired Flavia Alterra Coffee Roasters and The Bright Tea Co. rom MARS DRINKS in 2019 and began offering Flavia Alterra branded products for use with their Flavia brewers.

Flavia differentiates itself from other brewing systems in that it serves single-serve cups of coffee with their trademark ‘freshpacks.’ Freshpacks are foil-sealed to protect its contents from oxygen and moisture and only compatible with certified brewers. Flavia has worked directly with coffee experts to develop an exceptionally curated line of beverages. In addition to ground coffee freshpacks.

Flavia brewers have a sleek, compact design made especially for offices. Unlike Keurig brewers, you have the ability to make specialty drinks like cappuccinos, lattes and espresso. If your office is looking for the convenience of single cup with the luxury of a specialty drink, a Flavia brewer might be the perfect choice for you.

US Coffee conveniently carries your favorite Flavia coffee, tea, hot cocoa and specialty drinks in popular brands like StarbucksTazo, Alterra Coffee Roasters and The Bright Tea Co. Brew any of these Flavia blends in your Flavia single cup coffee brewer as an office treat. Contact us for a free trial today!