Office Break Room Services

Break room services are the employee benefits that keep on giving; day after day, year after year. Work perks like break room services will soon become the standard in offices across the country, and your employees work hard to be rewarded. A fully stocked break room will be appreciated more than other work perks because of the endless benefits, including increased productivity and supporting their commitment to staying healthy.

At US Coffee, we’re not just an office coffee delivery service. In fact, we’re so much more than that! Over the past four decades, we’ve become a full-service refreshment supplier and certified one-stop shop for all your coffee and break room needs. That means we’ve got everything you could possibly offer to your employees in exchange for their hard work.

From  healthy snacks, cold beverages and break room supplies, to cleaning supplies, health care supplies, safety & security products and climate & facility supplies, we have everything you need to boost office morale. Stocking your breakroom doesn’t have to be a hassle. A good break room services supplier will ensure that shopping and restocking your office is a quick, convenient and all-around pleasant process.

Your business will benefit from a stocked break room because let’s face it, a one-hour lunch break isn’t enough to keep your employees content and powered up for the long work day. With snacks like pretzels, popcorn, chips, granola bars, oatmeal and fruit cups, and cold beverages like sparkling water, flavored water, coconut water, soda and iced tea, how can your employees be anything but satisfied?

Next time one of your employees reaches for that second cup of coffee or soda when they get to the office, only to beam with excitement that it’s conveniently right there for them in their office’s break room at no cost to them or time wasted, it will be worth it to get a full-service breakroom supplier like US Coffee.

Let’s team up and keep your entire office satisfied so you can focus on what you do best: running the office. Sign up for your free in-office trial today!

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