Pabst Blue Ribbon Releases Hard Coffee Drink – Would You Drink it After Work?

Pabst Blue Ribbon Releases Hard Coffee Drink – Would You Drink it After Work?

When coffee simply isn’t enough after a long day and perhaps you need something stronger, Pabst Blue Ribbon might have created the solution for you!

Brewing company Pabst Blue Ribbon has announced a limited supply of Hard Coffee in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Florida and Georgia – an iced malt beverage made with real Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, creamy milk and vanilla flavoring. The testing of this hard coffee concept is the company’s first product beyond traditional beer.

“Pabst Blue Ribbon has always been a brand that pushes boundaries and celebrates those who experiment and try new things,” brand manager for PBR John Newhouse said in a press release. “Hard Coffee is an opportunity for us to pioneer a delicious and fun new drink, and give America something unique.”

The can features Pabst Blue Ribbon’s recognizable logo, except it’s brown for coffee, instead of the traditional red and white stripes.

Would you drink Pabst Blue Ribbon’s new Hard Coffee after work, maybe as your happy hour selection? It’s reminiscent of a spiked iced latte, or maybe even an espresso martini. If you’re a fan of either one of those hard coffee drinks, this new PBR release could be your next drink of choice.

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