Features of the Bevi Smart Water Dispenser your Employees Will Love

Features of the Bevi Smart Water Dispenser your Employees Will Love

Office water services offer a variety of benefits to office employees, including showing them their health and wellness are valued, ensuring they stay hydrated to increase productiveness and eliminating out-of-office runs for water bottles that will contribute to office waste. US Coffee will keep your entire office hydrated with our Water Service options so that you can focus on what you do best: running the office.

One of our stand-out water services is the Bevi Smart Water Dispenser, which is an Internet-connected kiosk machine that dispenses customized drinks using tap water. Not only does Bevi give employees the option of going for plain or sparkling water, it also offers delicious zero calorie, low calorie & sweetened flavored water options like coconut, raspberry, lime, grapefruit, watermelon and the list goes on!

The following Bevi features will satisfy employees by keeping them hydrated in the most delicious way with sparkling or plain filtered water. The choice is yours!

Greener Office

Bevi eliminates waste from the production, transportation, and disposal of water bottles. Bevi machines save 924,808 bottles a day from landfill. Bevi clients have saved a theoretical 1 million 12 oz bottles and cans from entering our ecosystem since the beginning of our relationship – 1.1 million to be exact.

Automatic Restock

Office managers will love this – our service team will proactively keep Bevi machines stocked with the flavors of your choosing because it’s connected to the Internet.

Zero Calorie, Low Calorie Flavor Options

If your employees prefer flavored water, at least it will be healthy! Bevi never uses high fructose corn syrup and offers zero calorie or low calorie flavor options. Hydration and wellness should go hand-in-hand – sugary drinks have no place in a healthy workplace.


The beauty of customization. Bevi offers employees the option of customizing their drink order using a touchscreen interface, always starting with a base of great-tasting filtered water. From there, you can choose plain or sparkling, and flavored or unflavored. Flavor options include blueberry cucumber, peach, lemon lime, pear and lime mint.

Sign up for a free Bevi trial today! It’s an easy way to make your office greener by providing both hydration and great flavor.