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Keep your employees refreshed, hydrated and satisfied with top-of-the-line water systems and coolers.

Did you know that US Coffee also installs water coolers? In fact, we provide water coolers to thousands of offices. It’s one of our biggest goals to be a one stop source for all your office needs, from coffee service to water service.  We have a vast selection of both point-of-use water coolers and standard water coolers. Let’s team up and find the right water system for your office.


Natura Sparkling Water System

For more than 15 years, Natura Water has been at the forefront of the water industry. The Company’s Italian-designed sparkling water dispensers feature a triple-filtering system to ensure that its systems deliver not only the purest but also the crispest and most refreshing artic-chilled carbonated beverages.

By consistently reinvesting in both engineering and aesthetics, Natura has maintained its status as a beloved choice for sustainability-focused customers. The Company serves renowned clientele like Google, Marriot, Disney, and Norwegian Cruise Lines, assisting each with achieving sustainability objectives without compromising on quality.

Natura Water takes pride in beign a woman-owned business and a WBENC Partner.


Borg & Overstrom E-Series

Sustainably superior, the E4 is the next evolution in premium water dispensing, combining energy-efficiency with powerful performance in every pour. Featuring our exclusive modular ProCore® system, advanced DryChill® rapid cooling technology and antimicrobial touch panel protection, the E4 offers a 3-way versatility and is perfect for filling water bottles, glasses and carafes with freshly-filtered chilled, ambient, sparkling or hot water, at the touch of a button.


ION Bottleless Water Coolers

Now Offering Touchless Dispensing!

An innovative appliance that replaces all the bottled water you could ever drink. Introducing the ION, the exciting new alternative to bottled water and soft drinks. Pure water refreshment at the touch of a button.

At the source of every delicious sip is ION’s exclusive CarbonPro filter, reducing a wide range of contaminants, transforming ordinary tap water into a reliable source of endless enjoyment at your workplace.

Quench your thirst anytime with a variety of healthy beverages — icy cold still water, piping hot water to warm you on cold days, or the bubbly effervescence of Sparkling Water

Vivreau Water Filtration Systems

For more than thirty years Vivreau water systems have led this charge with the most reliable, highest performing and eye-catchingly stylish water dispensing equipment on the market. Vivreau remains the responsible hydration brand of choice for forward-thinking organizations around the world. Vivreau’s vision is to create a legacy of innovation and stewardship in the premium water dispenser category. Distilled down to its essence, this vision is all about helping companies make better water choices.


Bevi Smart Water Cooler – Now Available with Touchless Smart Phone Controlled Technology!

The Bevi water system is an Internet-connected kiosk machine that dispenses customized drinks using tap water. On a touchscreen interface, you can select still or sparkling water, with a choice of flavors like orange mango, grapefruit, and pomegranate. It’s a smart water cooler for the office and a one-stop shop for flavored cold beverages. Mix and match a variety of naturally flavored or organic flavors, or keep it simple with sparkling or plain filtered water. The choice is yours!


Lavit Countertop Water System

Lavit is a revolutionary, single serve cold beverage company offering delicious, healthy beverages in recyclable capsules. Lavit turns regular water into pure wonder, crafting healthy, cold, still and sparkling beverages. With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy a deliciously refreshing beverage, still or sparkling made with zero preservatives and 10 calories or less.


 Point-of-Use Water Coolers – Touchless Foot Pedal Dispenser Options Now Available!

  • Unlimited hot & cold fresh, filtered water for one set monthly fee
  • Advanced commercial grade carbon water filter
  • UV light purification filtration system
  • Filter removes 99.99% of water impurities
  • Our technicians change your water filters on a regular basis
  • Eliminates need to store & change heavy gallons of bottled water
  • More cost effective than bottles; saves time, space, and money
  • Wide variety of counter-top and freestanding models available

Bottled Water Coolers – Touchless Foot Pedal Dispenser Options Now Available!

  • Traditional 5 gallon bottled spring water
  • Bottled spring water supply direct from our pure mountain source
  • Patented spill-proof technology; no spillage when loading bottles
  • Advanced filtration filters to ensure your water is safe & pure
  • High-quality, filtered drinking water whenever you need it
  • Standalone units allow you to move and transport coolers
  • Space-saving design uses minimal floor space
  • Wide variety of countertop and freestanding models available

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