Bevi 2.0 Water Dispenser

Introducing the Bevi 2.0 Smart Water Dispenser, the industry’s first ever Internet-connected water cooler. Still, sparkling & flavored water combinations served up at the touch of a button.

The Bevi water system is an Internet-connected kiosk machine that dispenses customized drinks using tap water. On a touchscreen interface, you can select still or sparkling water, with a choice of flavors like orange mango, grapefruit, and pomegranate. Mix and match a variety of naturally flavored or organic flavors, or keep it simple with sparkling or plain filtered water. The choice is yours!

Bevi comes in two different sizes to fit every unique space. The flagship floor-standing unit, Standup Bevi is the perfect addition to your fully stocked kitchen. Occupying only 4 square feet of floor space, the Standup Bevi is an eye-catching way to keep everyone healthy and hydrated. Countertop Bevi’s hidden beauty lies in the fact that its plumbing and hardware are integrated into your kitchen’s base cabinets, leaving only the sleek, compact dispensing unit visible on the countertop. Bevi also offers touchless smart phone-controlled technology to help keep your office safe and sanitary.


Meet Bevi’s New Flavor Enhancements

Top off your favorite Bevi beverage with enhancements that are designed to elevate your day. They’re all sugar-free, calorie-free, and made from the highest-quality ingredients. No matter what mood you’re in, we have your healthy hydration needs covered.


Packed with essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hydration, Electrolytes is the easiest way to refuel your mind and body—whether you’re hitting the gym or grinding all day at the office. Get a boost of functional hydration without weighing you down like other sports drinks or mixes. Stay energized all day, every day.

Vitamin Boost

Nourish your immune system with the essential nutrients it requires to stay sharp. Our proprietary blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and B vitamins can help you fight infections during flu season and provide year-round protection from the common cold. Staying healthy (and hydrated) has never been easier.


An all natural pick-me-up to help get you through those long meetings and drowsy mornings. With the power to customize the amount of caffeine in your drink, you can get the energy burst that’s right for you but without the bitterness of coffee. You can stay both hydrated and alert–talk about a win-win!

A Dispenser to Fit Every Office’s Unique Space

The Standup 2.0

A sleek water dispenser with everything you need in just 2.5 sq ft of space

Filtered & still sparkling water
Ambient water
Hot water
Select carbonation level
Flavor mixing
Touchless dispensing
# of flavors & enhancements you can mix: up to 5
Slots for flavors & enhancements: up to 8

The Countertop

A compact design, with all the plumbing & hardware hidden away in your lower cabinets.

Filtered & still sparkling water
Ambient water
Hot water
Select carbonation level
Flavor mixing
Touchless dispensing
# of flavors & enhancements you can mix: up to 3
Slots for flavors & enhancements: up to 4

Why should you consider a Bevi system for your office?

Your drink, your way.

Starting with great-tasting filtered water and mix unique combos of flavors and enhancements to build your ideal beverage. You can even brand your Bevi machine with your company logo.

Unbottling the future.

Bevi is more than just creative flavor pairings and fresh filtered water on demand – it’s environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Each dispenser saves around 30,000 bottles a year.

Enhance your water.

Choose from a variety of zero calorie, low calorie & sweetened flavors, or just enjoy pure filtered water. You can even add caffeine or immunity to any drink for an extra boost!

Money talks.

Save 50% (or more) of what you’d pay for canned and bottled water—plus forget the hassle of ordering and re-stocking. Enjoy delicious still, sparkling or flavored water while increasing your bottom line.

Choose from a wide variety of flavors, available in still or sparkling water form.

Still Water

Sparkling Water

Key Lime

Peach Mango

Strawberry Lemon



Lemon Lime

Lime Mint




Black Cherry

Peach White Tea + Caffeine

Strawberries & Cream

Blackberry Lime



The Elevated Water Experience

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