Why Your Office Needs the New Flavia Chill C600 Brewer

Why Your Office Needs the New Flavia Chill C600 Brewer

The Flavia Chill C600 Brewer does it all, which makes it the perfect addition to your office. As the only all-in-one hot and cold beverage system, it has something for everyone in the office, so everyone gets what they want.

Give your employees all the variety they want and need in a beverage system. If John in IT wants an iced coffee once that afternoon slump hits, or Ashley in HR prefers a hot coffee to start her day, the Flavia Chill will deliver.

With just a touch of a button, the Flavia Chill can brew cold beverages, coffee, and tea without adding ice. Having a cold beverage without ice allows your employees to enjoy it without the risk of it tasting watered down if they get stuck on a call or leave their desk to talk to a colleague. The Flavia Chill also uses its patented frothing technology to brew lattes by frothing any fresh milk (both dairy and non-dairy) directly in your cup.

Not only does the Flavia Chill C600 brew any type of thirst-quenching cold beverage or soothing hot beverage, it also offers smart technology that allows employees to brew straight from their phone with the FLAVIA® Tap N’Brew App.

US Coffee’s office coffee delivery service can provide your office, dealership, hospital, hotel, bank, retail store or any business setting with the Flavia Chill C600 brewer so that you can become the office superstar. We’re always one step ahead of the latest trends and technology, so we know your employees will love the Flavia Chill.