You work hard. Why not indulge in a rich, decadent cup of hot cocoa?

For years, hot chocolate has been recognized as the perfect treat for a chilly winter day. There’s something about the warm, smooth taste, filled with delicate notes of rich chocolate that instantly uplifts your spirit. US Coffee carries all your favorite hot cocoa products, from single serve cups to instant mixes, so you can get that warm, happy feeling any time of the day, directly in your office.



Now you can get your favorite hot chocolate brands like Swiss Miss and Cafe Escapes in convenient single-serve Keurig k-cup form! Just pop in the k-cup of your choice, and voila – warm, decadent hot chocolate in under a minute!

If your office has a Flavia brewer, you can enjoy the silk, smooth, indulgent taste of Dove hot chocolate, one of the most coveted brands of hot chocolate in the game. It’s one of Flavia’s best selling fresh packs – and for good reason!

In addition to single-serve hot chocolate options, we also carry instant mix packets from renowned brands like Swiss Miss and Nesquick. We carry sugar-free, marshmellow and fat-free options as well. Just add hot water or milk!

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