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New Study Says Coffee Can Help with Digestion

Coffee drinkers are always looking for facts in support of ways their daily habit can positively impact their health, and we’re happy to report that a new study has added another to the list.

Incorporating coffee into our morning routines aids in better digestion, a new report published in Nutrients, has discovered. More specifically, that trip to the bathroom that inevitably comes after the first or second cup of coffee, has a positive impact on our gastro-intestinal tract.

The report findings state that coffee aids in gastric, biliary, and pancreatic secretions, which is important for food digestion.

It also supports the reduction of gallstone risk, the stimulation of colic motility, which is the process of food traveling through the disgestive track, and changes in the composition of gut microbiota. Coffee was found to have a positive impact on Bifidobacteria, increasing the amount of probiotic considered “good” bacteria for our bodies.

This review was led by Astrid Nehlig, Ph.D., Emeritus Research Director at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM). She explained of research, “Contrary to some assumptions, coffee consumption is not overall linked to bowel or digestive problems. In some instances, coffee has a protective effect against common digestive complaints such as constipation.

Emerging data also indicate there may be an association with improved levels of gut bacterial groups such as Bifidobacteria which have recognised beneficial effects. Although additional data will be needed to understand coffee’s effects throughout the digestive tract, this is an extremely encouraging place to begin.”

Next time you reach for another cup of coffee in your office breakroom, you can have full confidence you’re not only getting a caffeine boost but also supporting your digestion.


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