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Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

Did you know that May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month? It is an international and national observance of health and fitness in the workplace. It is essentially a call to action to make sure employers and their employees know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This is done so by promoting worksite health activities and environment.

A healthy work place environment for you and the office does wonders! Employers and employees can see an improved work performance and productivity. Reduced absenteeism and sick leave because a healthier lifestyle improves your well being and strengths you up. A higher staff morale, satisfaction, and motivation could be seen around the office. Even an increase in employee engagement and relationships. This all leads to a greater capacity to enjoy life in and outside of the workplace. Overall, your employees will be more likely to stay with the company, have a greater morale and image of themselves and corporate because of it.  We hope that this inspires you to start leading a healthy lifestyle or even helping out your employees to do so. In fact, one of the ways that you and your office can participate in Global Employee Health & Fitness Month is to have health snacks in the work place.

Here at U.S Coffee we understand that it can be hard to maintain a nutritious balanced diet in the workplace. Throughout the day it is inevitable that you will be snacking but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker for your diet. U.S Coffee is here to help you main your nutritious lifestyle and even help your office go in the right direction with our Healthy Snacks Racks Program. We offer a wide variety of nutrient-packed treats that are delivered directly to your office. It will have you and your employees feeling energized and alert. You can choose from fiber-rich protein bars, to 100-calorie portion packs, to refreshing natural coconut water.

Access to healthy snacks right in the break room will not only motivated your employees but help them make healthier choices and do their jobs to the best of their ability. To find out more about our program and we have to offer you can click right here. Stay healthy my friends!