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US Coffee celebrating Earth Day!

US Coffee is celebrating Earth Day!

earthday2015Did you know that every day, office break rooms produce enough waste to circle the equator? U.S Coffee is here to help your facility take the right steps to go green and make environmentally responsible choices. U.S. Coffee, a local family-owned business for 40 years, has been praised for its eco-friendly practices and efforts to become more environmentally conscious. Here are a few ways that we make strides every day to make the office and earth a better place and how you can too.

Reducing your carbon footprint is as easy as choosing eco-friendly office products. We offer everything from corkboards, cups, paper, tape, etc. You can look for all the products you need right here. Don’t hesitate to contact U.S . Coffee to see how we can help you find all the eco-friendly products that you need for your office. When choosing eco-friendly office products you would definitely want to look into investing into products that also offer long-term sustainability. Finding office products that are not harmful to the environment or deplete natural resources is supporting ecological balance. You can find sustainability in light bulbs, furniture and even office design, etc. To look more in to the products we have you can click here.

Aside from office products, when it comes to drinking coffee you can do your part to make the earth more green. Pay attention to coffee certifications like Fair Trade, USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance. Not only do these certificates mean that natural resources and safe practices were used but that workers and their conditions were safe and profitable. Third wave coffee is another way to go green, this coffee is locally sourced and benefits the community. It is prepared by local roasters who are known for fair-trade practices and ethical standards. Once choosing eco-friendly products, long-term sustainability, and certified coffee, you can create a corporate social responsibility program for your facility. U.S. Coffee invites you to take advantage of our social good program with One Cup Coffee. 100% of the revenue turns into charitable impact for Social Good projects in the world’s toughest places. That is “Dollar for Dollar”! To find out more you can visit our site right here.

Supporting a local business as its many plus sides too. Studies have shown that when you shop small instead of a big brand store, 70% of your money stays in the local economy as opposed to a mere 14%. This again benefits the environment. Lastly, if your facility wants to go green the only option is U.S Coffee. We are a one-stop shop for all your coffee, break room and office supply needs. With our service your office can be as eco-friendly as it wants to be.