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Dunkin Donut K-Cups

dunkin donuts kcups

Dunkin Donut K-Cups

Now you can supply your office with America’s favorite coffee, and offer your staff the convince of a Keurig quick brew coffee with Dunkin Donut K-Cups. Dunkin Donut K-Cups are available in four fine K-Cup selections, Original Blend, Dunkin Decaf, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut.

Original Blend Dunkin Donut K-Cups –This medium roast is a classic. Ideal for accompanying your favorite morning donut, or something to sip on slowly throughout your workday, this gourmet coffee offers smooth and clean flavor, sip after sip.

Dunkin Decaf Dunkin Donut K-Cups – Do you want all taste without the jolt from caffeine? Then this is the coffee for you! Enjoy the smooth and lingering notes of toasted nuts with this delicious medium-bodied coffee.

French Vanilla Dunkin Donut K-Cups – This flavored coffee offers the rich and creamy flavor of French vanilla, resting on the foundation of an ultra-smooth medium roast coffee. French Vanilla Dunkin Donut K-Cups are the ideal treat to get you through your workday.

Hazelnut Dunkin Donut K-Cups – Rich, toasted hazelnut flavor envelopes this medium roast coffee, for a truly delicious coffee experience. Paired with your favorite breakfast sandwich, Hazelnut Dunkin Donut blend will give you the boost of energy to get through your board meetings.

US Coffee proudly carries a variety of Donkin Donut K-cups to keep your office staff productive. For more information on ordering you favorite blend of Dunkin Donut K-Cups, visit our website today!


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