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Drinking Coffee Linked to Lower Risk of Death, Even with Sugar

Coffee drinkers who have a sweet tooth will appreciate newly released research about the connection between longevity and drinking coffee.

An ongoing study of health information in the United Kingdom from the U.K. bank cohort has revealed moderate levels of drinking coffee, even with the addition of artificial sweeteners, was associated with a 30 percent less chance of dying compared to non-coffee drinkers.

In fact, the study shows that these results are consistent no matter how you drink your coffee – decaf coffee, instant coffee or ground coffee included.

Studies have shown results in favor of coffee drinkers when it comes to mortality before, but this study is unique in that it examines the addition of artificial sweeteners and its impact on the health benefits of drinking coffee. For coffee drinkers who put sugar in their coffee and enjoy it, you can now continue to indulge guilt-free!

The study did specify, however, that sugar should be limited to about a teaspoon and moderate coffee drinking is defined as one and a half to three cups of coffee per day.

Now you can continue to fuel your work day at the office with office coffee, including cold brew coffee, gourmet coffee, single-serve pods and much more, without thinking about its impact on your health. Previous studies have also shown coffee’s positive effect on your digestion, its protection against COVID-19 and its ability to burn calories.

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