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Touchless Breakroom Services for the Tri-State Area

Any workplace, including hospitals, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, doctor’s offices and beyond, have one thing in common – taking every precaution to keep employees and customers safe. Your business can trust US Coffee to supply all the bulk essentials needed to keep your work environment clean, sanitized, and sanitary. Part of the many solutions we offer to do so are our Touchless Breakroom Services.

We have all the equipment needed to keep your workplace safe so that employees can keep to themselves as much as possible. We offer touchless breakroom equipment like mobile connective coffee brewers, water dispensers, sensor-infrared sanitizers and more, so that your employees’ coffee, water and sanitizer needs are all taken care of when at work, without the worry of picking up unwanted germs or viruses.

For water breaks, we have Bevi Water Coolers with Touchless Smart Phone Controlled Technology, which can be controlled by your smartphone. Stay healthy and hydrated without the need to touch anything but the cup you’re drinking out of. For coffee, we have a variety of options such as Nespresso Momento Touchless Brewers with QR Scanning & App Controlled Tech, Flavia Single-Cup Coffee Brewers with Mobile Connectivity and de Jong Duke Bean-to-Cup Single Cup Brewers with Smart Phone Connectivity. Now your employees can enjoy the cup of coffee they always have during their coffee or lunch break, without running the risk of touching other people’s germs.

We even have touchless sanitizers, available as wall-mounted dispensers or sanitizer stands, which are compatible with all forms of soap and sanitizer, including gels, foams and liquids. These dispensers have built-in, automatic infrared sensors for touchless operation and include drip lids for quick, easy clean-up and maintenance.

In today’s environment, it’s crucial we all continue to do our part to mitigate the Coronavirus by social distancing, washing our hands and using sanitizer frequently. It’s especially important to give your valued employees the option to stay as sanitized and healthy as they can so they feel comfortable coming into work.

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