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New Study Finds Coffee Can Protect from COVID-19

New Study Finds Coffee Can Protect from COVID-19

Excellent news for coffee lovers.

Not only does drinking coffee reduce the risk of heart failure, can help burn fat, and even lower your chance of early death, a new study has discovered it contains properties that can fight against COVID-19. With reports of the new Delta variant spreading, maybe those daily cups of caffeine are doing us more favors than we believed.

Researchers from Northwestern University wanted to find out if there was a correlation between certain dietary habits and protection against the Coronavirus. Their findings, published in Nutrients, were that drinking one or more cups of coffee every day can lower your risk of getting COVID-19 infection by 10 percent.

The study involved examining the dietary habits of 40,000 British adults, studying their daily intake of coffee, tea, oily fish, processed meat, red meat, fruit, and vegetables.

What they found was that coffee is a main contributor to polyphenol intake, in particular phenolic acids. When consumed in conjunction with vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, coffee can protect the body’s tissues from major threats like cancers, heart disease, and inflammation.

“Taken together, an immunoprotective effect of coffee against COVID-19 is plausible and merits further investigation,” researchers said.

Coffee strengthens your immune system with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn fights against infections like COVID-19. Now you can drink your coffee guilt-free, knowing you’re not only getting a pick-me-up but being proactive about your health as well.


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