Is Coffee the Secret to Weight Loss and Burning Fat?

Is Coffee the Secret to Weight Loss and Burning Fat?

After years of fad diets and yoyo dieting, the secret to losing weight might’ve been under our noses the entire time, according to new research from the UK.

The research suggests that coffee stimulates what’s known as “brown fat” – or the fat that burns calories – the same way exercise and a good night’s sleep does. Brown fat is most commonly found in hibernating animals and babies, but in adults it’s found in the upper chest and neck region of our bodies. The way it works is the coffee heats up the brown fat, causing it to burn calories.

Researchers from University of Nottingham are currently working on developing a possible weight loss plan involving coffee or caffeine burning brown fat and promoting weight loss and fighting obesity. They’re studying what factors increase brown fat so that they can isolate it and use it in a study to determine its true impact on weight loss.

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