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Benefits of Boxed Water

Benefits of Boxed Water

Okay America, it is time to stop hitting the bottle! Did you know that plastic bottles contain a nasty health hazard called BPA? BPA is present in water bottles throughout the country, and has raised many of health concerns over the past decade. Here we will discuss the benefits of boxed water, and why it is clearly the healthier choice!

  • Grow into a healthier you – Boxed water containers are made of 76% renewable resources.
  • Environmentally conscientious – Boxed water cartons are made from trees that come from certified forests, which means through replanting programs boxed water containers allow for a more stable ecological environment.
  • Boxed water keeps things moving full cycle – With carton recycling facilities sprouting up everywhere, boxed water allows people to quench their thirst and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Spread some green – To keep things growing in the right direction, boxed water donates 10% of profits to reforesting and replanting programs.

Now that you have a clearer picture on the benefits of boxed water, it is time to make a healthier and financially wiser investment. Reach for boxed water over the plastic stuff. If you would like to receive boxed water to your office, visit our website US Coffee and find out how you can make the healthy switch today!