The History of US Coffee

US Coffee History

The History of US Coffee

We want to take a moment to share with you the history of US Coffee. We have prided ourselves on bringing our customers quality coffee service for over four decades and today our dedication remains the same. Join us as we look back at the history of US Coffee.

It all began back in 1971, when Lowell Shindler and Steve Trapani joined forces and created an innovative service to businesses throughout the New York area. Their famous slogan was “Don’t send your employees out for coffee, they may never come back.” This catchy slogan and ingenious idea to start a coffee delivery service to their customers created quite the stir.

Lowell and Steve offered coffee delivery at a fraction of the competition. Just to give you an idea of their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, when the going rate for coffee delivery service was averaging .35 cents a cup, they were offering their services for 15 cents a cup!

Saving customers money on coffee and coffee supplies was something they prided their company on. In fact, when inflation sent prices on sugar soaring, Lowell and Steve reached out to their customers and asked if they would reduce their demand on sugar to drive down costs by major sugar suppliers. By offsetting the demand of sugar, they were able to put a ding in the overall cost of sugar. This is just one example of their efforts in keeping their services affordable without sacrificing quality for their customers.

Soon they began to offer not only coffee service, but everything you could imagine to keep a business running. Lowell and Steve began offering food and beverage vending, water service and office supplies at an unbeatable price. By the 1990’s, Steve and Lowell were thriving by providing outstanding services and products to their clientele.

Today, US Coffee is a successful company that is carrying on the tradition that Lowell and Steve built more than forty years ago. US Coffee provides services including point-of-use water systems services, office supply delivery, vending services, and of course coffee services. Over the years, they have continued to remain dedicated to providing their customers with only the finest products and services. For more information on US Coffee, visit our website today.

Take A Look Back At The History Of U.S. Coffee, Inc.



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