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Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System

Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System

Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System

There is no doubt that the Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System has revolutionized the way we will now brew coffee in our offices. In fact, coffee brewers have not been the same since Keurig’s innovative designs have hit the market.

Keurig could have stopped after taking over home brewing, buty they did not just stop there. Keurig’s new commercial grade Bolt System will change the way you think about brewing a full pot of coffee through the easy to use portion pack.

Keurig has taken their perfect coffee system from the cup to the carafe in this ultra-chic and durable commercial-grade brewing system. Now you can brew an entire 64 –ounce pot of coffee with the push of a button.

Ideal for office environments, the Keurig Bolt will brew a fresh 64-ounce pot of coffee in just under two minutes. Unlike conventional coffee makers, which usually take up to five minutes to brew. Here are some spectacular features that are exclusively available through the Keurig Bolt Carafe brewing system:

  • Recyclable Bolt Brew Pods
  • Customizable Brew Temperature
  • Customizable Brewing Strength
  • Pre-programmable Auto Brew Function
  • Hot Water Dispenser for Teas, Soups or Oatmeal
  • Maintains Optimum Brew Temperature for Two Hours without Creating a Stale Coffee Taste

Whether you have a medium to large size office, the Keurig Bolt brings cutting–edge technology and the consistency of Keurig brewing quality to your office break room. For more information on Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System, visit US Coffee today.


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