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Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve – A Taste of Excellence

Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve – A Taste of Excellence

One of the finest and unique regional coffees known to all coffee lovers is Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve. Sumatran coffee seems to offer the same level of intrigue and complexity as the Indonesian Island of Sumatra from which it originates. Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve is a first-rate example of this meritorious regional blend gourmet coffee. Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve coffee has a distinct sophistication of flavor. Sumatran Reserve is noted for its full-bodied nature, without heaviness and its slightly spicy herbal notes, without being too pungent. This is the beauty about Sumatran regionally grown coffee, and Green Mountain has only accentuated on this attribute with their careful coffee roasting techniques.

Coffee lovers know that when it comes to Sumatran coffee, the drying and roasting process of the bean can affect the outcome of its flavor dramatically. For example, some Sumatran coffee beans that are dried in storage areas, burlap sacks or directly on the side of the mountain, all have a unique quality in taste that differs from one another. The roasting process of these coffee beans by Green Mountain is what makes coffee lovers fall head over feet in love with Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve.

Even if you are not an avid coffee drinker, you can certainly appreciate the sophisticated taste found in this regional blend, and Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve is a perfect example of well-roasted Sumatran coffee. If you are looking for a delightful Sumatran coffee to make available in your work break room, then we highly recommend offering Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve for your staff to enjoy. US Coffee proudly carries Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve  in K-Cups that are designed for your Keurig brewing system; so you can make the perfect cup of coffee each time you brew. Browse US Coffee for great deals on all your favorite coffees and coffee accessories for your office!