Stock The Office with Teas, Sparkling Water & Cold Brew

Stock The Office with Teas, Sparkling Water & Cold Brew

When the office breakroom is stocked, everyone is happy. Break room services are widely considered a benefit that employees look forward to each work day. From coffee to tea and sparkling water, US Coffee is proud to have everything needed to keep your employees productive, feeling appreciated and satisfied.

One hour for a lunch break isn’t enough time to keep your staff going all day. What they really need is an office break room that has what they need when they need it. Three breakroom services we want to highlight that continuously keep our customers satisfied are cold brew, tea and sparkling water.

Cold Brew Program

US Coffee’s cold brew program allows your employees to enjoy the cold, refreshing taste of cold brew without the watered down flavor of brew over ice drinks.

We offer cold brew from local artisan coffee roasters that brew only the best-tasting cold brew coffee. Served in fresh 5-gallon kegs and perfect for offices of 40+ people, US Coffee has the best-tasting gourmet cold brew from local roasters like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, For Five Coffee Roasters and Wandering Bear Coffee.

Get cold brew on tap or as on the go drinks, made with real organic cold brew coffee in straight black, with a splash of organic milk or dairy-free coconut milk with organic cocoa.


Teas are another great addition to your office break room. Tea has so many advantages for your employees and has long been regarded as the key to health, happiness and wisdom.

Putting healthy flavonoids and antimicrobial properties into the body will help decrease the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol and stimulate mental alertness, according to studies.

US Coffee has several tea options for the tea lovers in your office, including Flavia Bright Tea, Tea K-Cups, Tea Pods, Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags and Iced Tea. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea to boost your mood during a dreary day in the office.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is hydrating and refreshing on any day of the week. US Coffee offers sparkling water as part of our water services, from ION Bottleless Water Coolers, Vivreau Water Filtration Systems and the Bevi Smart Water Cooler.

Quench your thirst with any of our sparkling water vendors and keep your employees hydrated and happy at all times. If flavored sparkling water is your preference, Bevi has flavors like Peach Mango, Lime Mint, Strawberries and Cream and Black Cherry, all zero or low calorie.

Sign up for a free trial on any of our breakroom services, including these trends and others like single-serve pods, Nespresso, and whole bean coffee.

US Coffee is more than just the leading office coffee service in the tri-state area. We’re the one-stop shop for all the office coffee services, pantry services and equipment you need to create a safe, productive work environment.