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"The Difference Between Light vs Dark Roast Coffee"

The Difference Between Light vs Dark Roast Coffee

Seasoned coffee drinkers know the way coffee beans are roasted will produce much different coffee flavor profiles. Such is the case for light vs. dark roast coffee.

Light and dark roast coffees taste different, have different amounts of caffeine, and have varying degrees of intensity. Whether you go with light or dark roast coffee at the office, you’ll be getting a nice caffeine fix either way. So it should all come down to your taste preference, and the only way to find out which you prefer is to taste them both.

Let’s start with light roast coffee. Light roast coffee is roasted for less time than dark roast, which gives it its own unique flavor. Contrary to what most believe, this typically means it retains more caffeine than dark roasts. Light roast coffee has a more fruity and bright flavor profile than dark roast because of the short duration its roasted, and the use of a lower temperature.

Switching to dark roast coffee, this type of coffee is roasted for a longer period of time which gives it its darker brown color. During the longer roasting process, oils are being released to the coffee beans which gives it its smoky flavor. Dark roast coffee is roasted at a higher temperature than light roast, making it less caffeinated.

All in all, taste differences between light and dark roast will depend on how long the coffee beans are roasted, and the temperature at which they’re being roasted. In short terms, light roasts are more complex and have more caffeine. However, dark roasted coffee tastes bolder with one straight forward flavor.

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