5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Office

Get creative at your workplace for Turkey Day this year!

5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Office

What if we told you that it’s possible to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year? Once with family and friends, and another time at an unlikely place – the office. Your team can bond through good food (and great coffee!) and foster company culture that will keep everyone motivated and eager to come to work. But since an office Thanksgiving party is rare, you might need some ideas on creative ways to celebrate Turkey Day to keep everyone satisfied. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving at the office.


Get everyone involved and keep expenses low by organizing a potluck for your office Thanksgiving party. After all, Thanksgiving is about homemade food cooked with love! What better way to spread holiday cheer and comradery with an assortment of home cooked meals shared amongst co-workers.

Exchange Recipes

A recipe exchange is a great activity to do at a Thanksgiving office party because each member of the team can bring their own personal touch. Everyone will get to know each other on a more personal level as well, since each person will offer a look inside their respective family traditions. Add some fun and competitiveness by making it a contest.


Thanksgiving is all about food and giving back, so why not combine the two by volunteering for Thanksgiving this year? Get everyone out of the office to give back to the community by taking a few hours out of the work day to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Another option is for everyone to bring in canned goods to donate to homeless shelters. Either way, your team is giving back and forming a deeper bond.

Thanksgiving Lunch

If all else fails, a Thanksgiving lunch either catered in the office or at a restaurant nearby will do the trick. The purpose of an office Thanksgiving party is to foster healthy working relationships and motivation to work harder. Make sure to carve out plenty of time to share some good laughs and conversation.


Any cook-off, like a chili cook-off or a BBQ cook-off, will encourage comradery. To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, consider having a cook-off and providing a nice prize for the winner. If everyone enjoys it, it can become your office’s Thanksgiving tradition and an event the whole office looks forward to each year.

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