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Healthy Vending Options Your Whole Staff Will Love

Healthy Vending Options

Healthy Vending Options Your Whole Staff Will Love

Let’s face it, with morning meetings, pressing project deadlines and back to back conference calls, what staff member has time to sit down and eat lunch anymore? Demanding schedules and job tasks, also require focused employees and supervisors, but that is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge with fatigued staff members who simply do not have the time to replenish their bodies with the nutrition they need.

US Coffee has taken into account the challenging issues that this presents for companies across the United States. We want to help business owners and employees alike have access to healthy food choices throughout their work day, this is why we offer healthy vending services for you and your employees. Our healthy vending options include snacks that are made from whole grains, dried fruits and protein-rich nuts. We believe in offering variety and choice in our vending machines, but our healthy vending options, allows for a well-balanced choice of healthy snacks.

When trying to please a crowd, it is vital that you offer a diverse selection of snacks that could appeal to a variety of employees. We strive to maintain a balance in our healthy vending options, so each of your employees will find something they love. Our healthy vending options include:

  • Trail mixes
  • Granola bars
  • Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Snacks
  • Snackwells
  • Nutri Grain Bars
  • Pretzels
  • Baked Potato Chips

US Coffee can appreciate your need to supply your employees with healthy eating options. We provide a wide variety of vending services, including both snacks and beverages. For more information on our healthy vending options and vending machines, visit our website today.