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Coffeehouse Quality at Your Desk with Starbucks

Coffeehouse Quality at Your Desk with Starbucks

There is no better way to start your day than grabbing a hot drink from your favorite high street coffee store before heading to the office. But rush hour traffic and hour-long lines often mean missing out on your morning treat if you want to get to your desk on time. That’s why US Coffee has decided to make one of the world’s most famous high street coffee brands, Starbucks, available to all employers in New York and surrounding areas. With a wide range of ground coffees, whole bean coffees and different size frac packs to choose from, we are guaranteed to stock a Starbucks variety to your taste that can be used with your existing traditional coffee maker. The available products at US Coffee range from their signature Starbucks House Blend and Breakfast Blend to the exotic, international flavors of the Sumatra Bean and Verona Bean varieties.

For added convenience, why not try the new Starbucks K-Cups range, which gives all-time favorite flavors such as French Roast and Blonde Veranda a new, handy look? Each k-cup brews one delicious cup of coffee when used with the Keurig single-serve brewer. This doesn’t only make brewing and measuring coffee a whole lot easier, it also helps to preserve its freshness and flavor. Check out our website US Coffee to discover this new way of drinking your favorite high street coffee brand and order by phone or directly from our online store!


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