Earth Day 2018

Make Your Office Greener with US Coffee’s Locally Roasted Coffee

Earth Day 2018: Make Your Office Greener with US Coffee’s Locally Roasted Coffee

Earth Day is a great yearly reminder that we should do more to keep our planet clean, and an opportunity to correct any practices that don’t fall in line with that philosophy. Here at US Coffee, we practice what we preach with our eco-friendly mission, corporate social responsibility program, third wave artisan coffee and eco-friendly product lines.

When it comes down to it, we believe your office deserves the highest quality coffee on the market, without sacrificing taste to make your office greener. That’s why we offer our customers gourmet coffee prepared by local roasters known for their fair-trade practices and ethical standards. When you order artisan coffee with our service, you’re getting coffee that’s roasted, bagged and delivered within 24-48 hours. Now that’s the freshest quality coffee available! Below is our list of local roasters available to all US Coffee customers across the tri-state area, including NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.

  • Irving Farm
  • Counter Culture
  • Intelligentsia
  • Mud Coffee
  • Wandering Bear
  • City of Saints

Most of these local roasters are New York-based, with Intelligentsia even based in Los Angeles and Chicago as well. Another similarity between these local roasters is they’re 100% dedicated to sustainable practices. US Coffee has teamed up with these top local artisan roasters to bring your office the freshest, richest tasting coffee on the market. When you order gourmet coffee through the US Coffee Reserve Program, you’re doing your part to make your office more green.

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