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Barista Prima French Roast Coffee K-Cups

Barista Prima French Roast Coffee K-Cups

If you have been searching for exceptional quality French Roast to fill your morning cup, then you must try Barista Prima French Roast gourmet coffee. The roasters at Barista Prima Coffeehouse believe that coffee is the interpretation of the region in which it derives from. This school of thought, and pride in their coffee artisanship is what sets Barista Prima Coffeehouse apart from its competitors.  Here is a look specifically at Barista Prima’s French Roast.

Barista Prima Coffeehouse produced a lovely traditional French Roast that holds true to both its regional and cultural flavor. This dark roasted coffee is uniquely known for its slightly sweet notes and robust smoky finish that lingers gracefully on the palate. This is a hearty gourmet coffee that pairs well with a hearty meal, such as an omelet and croissant. Surprisingly, Barista Prima French Roast is even exquisite all on its own.

As if having a well-crafted coffee is not enough, how would you like to have this exceptional cup of French Roast coffee perfectly brewed within thirty seconds? Well, thanks to K-Cups, you can! Barista Prima French Roast is available in K-Cups for your Keurig brewing system. Keurig has mastered the art of innovative and consistently perfect brewing every time. If you are looking for a delicious coffee that is easy to prepare and robust enough to cure your Monday morning work blues, then Barista Prima French Roast is the coffee you seek.

US Coffee recognizes passion, and this is why we proudly offer Barista Prima French Roast to our valued customers. We are dedicated to helping you provide your staff with high quality gourmet coffee for their busy workday. Browse our variety of gourmet coffees and add some Barista Prima French Roast to your order today!