6 Ways Coffee Drinkers Can Recycle More, Reduce Waste & Contribute to a Greener Office

6 Ways Coffee Drinkers Can Recycle More, Reduce Waste & Contribute to a Greener Office

Did you know that every day, office break rooms produce enough waste to circle the equator?

Reducing waste and being more mindful of the environment are solutions that are becoming increasingly more important to us as a population as we become more mindful of the impact it can have on our future. When it comes to the everyday hustle and bustle of life, which includes a lot of time spent in the office, there are ways we can contribute to a cleaner planet by recycling more and reducing waste.

Of course, a large portion of the beverages we consume in the office are coffee-related. Whether you rely on your artisan coffee, cold brew coffee, Flavia, Lavazza or any other type of coffee, there are sustainable ways to drink coffee in the office to reduce your carbon footprint.

Below are 6 easy ways daily office coffee drinkers can recycle more, reduce waste and contribute to a greener office.

Local, Organic Coffee

Locally sourced, organic coffee doesn’t just taste better, it’s better for the environment. Local roasters like Irving Farm and Wandering Bear use fair-trade practices and ethical standards to prepare their coffee, which we proudly offer to our customers as part of our office coffee delivery service.

Use Reusable Coffee Mugs

Encourage your staff to bring in reusable coffee cups or mugs for their daily caffeine fix, which will significantly reduce the amount of waste left behind by standard coffee cups.


Start composting leftover coffee grinds and tea bags to eliminate office waste. Instead of throwing out what’s left behind from making coffee and tea and it ending up in landfills, allow the scraps to be composted for recycling needs.

Smart Water Service

Think beyond coffee to an office water service. An office water system like Bevi Smart Water Dispensers eliminates waste from the production, transportation, and disposal of water bottles. In fact, Bevi machines save 924,808 bottles a day from landfill.

Recyclable Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are generally more sustainable and easier to recycle than coffee K-Cups. Coffee pods are constructed with the beverage sealed inside of filter paper, as opposed to being sealed with a cartridge (usually a plastic cup).

Eliminate Plastic

Make an effort to ban plastic from your office, in the form of plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic coffee stirrers and more! Ask us about our complete line of eco-friendly break room products and green office supplies.

As a local, family-owned business, US Coffee is praised for our eco-friendly practices and corporate social responsibility. We’re dedicated to working with you across your facility to become more environmentally conscious and sustainable. We have a complete line of eco-friendly break room products, green office supplies and fair-trade coffee from local third wave coffee roasters. We are investing our resources in green research to help you and your business make environmentally responsible choices.