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City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs

City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs

City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs

Now you can enjoy ice cold and freshly-brewed coffee on tap with the City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs! You may be thinking, coffee in a keg? Trust us, you have never experienced iced coffee so cold, fresh and refreshing.

We are thrilled to be able to provide your office with this exquisite iced coffee on draft. City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs are the ideal way to quench the thirst of your office staff, and keep them fully focused for the workday ahead.

City of Saints coffee is locally roasted with organic, unrefined ingredients to produce the freshest quality of organic coffee available. The City of Saints Cold Brew Keg is the perfect solution for the iced coffee lovers in your office. Also, the cold brew keg does not take up any space in your office refrigerator. Imagine, the convenience of freshly brewed iced coffee, without taking up valuable space in the office refrigerator?

For a limited time, US Coffee is offering a free in-office  cold brew trial of City of Saints Cold Brew Kegs. We can assure you, you will notice the difference in taste and refreshment from this artisan iced coffee. Hurry, a deal this fresh is sure to go quickly! For more information on how you can get your free trial City of Saints Cold Brew Keg for your office, visit our website today.


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