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How to Trim Down on Your Coffee Costs

How to Trim Down on Your Coffee Costs

A cup of coffee each day is a revitalizing ritual for many Americans, but after a while this can become a very expensive habit. We will not even begin to mention the hassle of waiting in line at bistros and cafes for your favorite cup of brew. Sadly, so many Americans will waste countless dollars and valuable time they could be spending being productive at the office on a cup of coffee.

A recent study conducted by a mobile payment company called, Square released data that reveals most Americans tip on average 20% percent when buying a cup of coffee, and that the average coffee costs for a standard cup of coffee without milk is $2.70. This means that most Americans are spending on average $3.00 a day for a one single cup of coffee and that is without any of the frills, such as the freshly steamed milk and caramel swirls we have come to appreciate in our Cup O’ Joe.

As an employer, how many times has your employee made it on time with little to spare, holding a piping hot coffee? On one hand, you can understand the importance of having a nice cup of coffee to start your day, but when your employees run late it is bad for business and productivity. This is why US Coffee provides companies with a wide selection of coffees. With a large selection of K-Cups to choose from, your employees are sure to find their favorite coffee blend right in the office breakroom.

Help keep morale strong in your company, by offering employees gourmet coffee of their liking. This type of generosity towards employees allows them to save some extra money, and make it to the office with plenty of time to enjoy a cup of coffee and the start of their workday. US Coffee also offers a variety of coffee services for your office, as well as Keurig brewing systems and all of your favorite K-Cups. For more information on our coffee services, visit our website today.



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