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Why You Should Encourage Your Staff to Take Coffee Breaks

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Why You Should Encourage Your Staff to Take Coffee Breaks

Many employers, obsessed with productivity, and do not see the benefits of letting employees spend time not working during the day. In fact, the coffee break is an essential part of a productive and forward-moving company.  Even though coffee breaks are not as popular as they once were, here are some reasons why coffee breaks can really raise morale in your workplace.

Reducing stress -Stress in the workplace is an epidemic. Nearly half of all workers suffer from some degree of stress, and it cost employers loss productivity, health costs, errors and interpersonal conflicts. Stressed out employees are never going to deliver the same quality of work as those who work in a more relaxed, comfortable environment.

Waking up – Consuming too much caffeine can have harmful long-term health effects, but a cup or two a day can be very beneficial for work performance. This is especially true in mid-morning, which is often the most productive time of day. What really matters is giving employees time to recharge, so they can be more focused.

Creating conversations – Unfortunately, many companies can develop a rigid chain of command, where employees only communicate with their direct supervisors, while neglecting to share information with coworkers in other divisions or on other projects. A coffee break is a catalyst for employees to make conversation, and here is where some of the most brilliant company ideas come from.

Building community – Even if conversations in the break room do not lead to any tangible collaboration on company projects, they can be extremely beneficial. Coffee breaks can help employees connect with one another and develop a sense of community, trust and friendship.

There is no greater time than now for nurturing your staff’s work performance and overall morale. We encourage you to implement coffee breaks as a rule for employees. A time where a few employees at a time can get away from their desk, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea to recharge, and converse among one another. US Coffee proudly offers coffee services for companies just like yours. Learn more about our coffee services by visiting our website today.




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