US Coffee's Snack Program is Expanding!

US Coffee’s Snack Program is Expanding!

US Coffee’s objective is to keep your office fully stocked with all the items your staff needs to thrive throughout the work week, and we’re happy to announce our selection is expanding with a new walk-in refrigerated trailer to hold our large variety of snacks and dairy.

Your employees work better when they’re fully charged, which is why you need a reliable service like US Coffee to keep your break room stocked with a variety of snacks they can reach for during the work day. Rest assured, we have plenty of room to stock the refrigerated snacks that are shipped directly to your office.

As part of our mission to make sure you never run out of snack selections, whether it be granola bars for the weekly sales meeting, or Snickers bars for the sweet tooth in Human Resources, we knew we needed a solution for our expanding inventory of snacks and dairy. This is where our new refrigerated trailer comes in! With our Snack Program growing, we now have more room for refrigerated items like fresh milk, yogurt and cheese, as well as Healthy Snacks like fruit, juice and coconut water.

Count on US Coffee to deliver snacks to your workplace consistently, so you can focus on what you do best: running the office. Sign up for your free in-office trial today.