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US Coffee Starts Community Garden Onsite

US Coffee Starts Community Garden Onsite

US Coffee gardenUS Coffee employees are able to take pride in something other than bringing delicious coffee to your office at a great value now that we have a community garden just outside of our office!

Our staff is excited about the prospect of growing and fostering our garden each day, which stems from great teammwork and dedication. We started this garden from scratch and we’re determined to put in the work to watch it blossom into a burgeoning oasis just outside our workplace.

When we’re not providing your office with coffee, tea beverages and more, we’ll be outside working together to make this goal a reality. Our communty garden falls in line with our local business mentality; which is embedded in the desire to make our local economy better. Studies show when you purchase from a local business such as US Coffee, 70% of your investment stays within our local economy, as opposed to a mere 14%. Not to mention, a community garden is an excellent way to show off your Corporate Social Responsibility. We’re more than thrilled to get involved and help the community, local economy and the environment all at once!


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