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US Coffee Employees Continue Cultivation of Community Garden

US Coffee Employees Continue Cultivation of Community Garden

We have an exciting update on our community garden we started last summer! The garden we started from scratch just outside of our office is slowly but surely turning into a prosperous oasis just steps from our workplace. As we told you in June 2016, we were excited about the prospect of growing and fostering our garden each day, which stems from great teammwork and dedication onsite garden. We’re happy to say we’re making it happen.

These photos indicate the hard work we put in fostering our garden each day, which we take pride in because it falls in line with our local business mentality; which is embedded in the desire to make our local economy better. Studies show when you purchase from a local business such as US Coffee, 70% of your investment stays within our local economy, as opposed to a mere 14%.

US Coffee’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program in partnership with One Cup Coffee also falls in line with that mentality. The program means we provide office coffee that’s not only socially responsible, but also artisan roasted, fairly traded and award winning. The One Cup Project gives a portion of their profit to local and global charities, and every dollar that One Cup Coffee receives from your company’s coffee purchases turns into a dollar of impact for social good.

Our employees here at US Coffee are team players, and it shows through our dedication to come together to create a burgeoning garden to call our own. When we’re not providing your office with coffee, tea beverages and more, we’ve been outside working together to make this goal a reality. Stay tuned!


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