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Touchless Breakroom Solutions to Keep the Workplace Safe

US Coffee’s focus is to continue to meet our customers’ needs while keeping you, our employees and communities safe by supplying companies with bulk essential items to help you stay safe in your workplace. To keep your workplace sanitary, we also offer Touchless Breakroom Solutions to ensure you stay safe, including mobile connective coffee brewers, water dispensers,  sensor-infrared sanitizers and more.

For many, the idea of touching the same coffee brewer or water dispenser as everyone else in the office can be unsettling. US Coffee has recognized the new demand for touchless services and has provided a solution – a safer coffee and beverage experience in the workplace. Part of our touchless offerings includes Nespresso Momento Touchless Brewers with QR Scanning & App Controlled Tech, which allows your team to enjoy their favorite coffee without ever touching the coffee machine through either the Coffee-Brewing App or its Automatic Brewing feature. We also offer Bevi Water Coolers with Touchless Smart Phone Technology, which is an Internet-connected kiosk machine that dispenses customized drinks using tap water.

Beyond smart coffee brewers and water dispensers, we also provide workplaces with air purifiers, like the Aeramax and Celios, or touchless sanitation devices, which are the perfect hygiene solution for a wide variety of industries: restaurants, offices, hotels, hospitals, car dealerships, retail stores and more. They’re compatible with all forms of soap and sanitizer, including gels, foams and liquids.

US Coffee is proud to offer Touchless Breakroom Solutions that matter. We offer solutions that allow your staff to reconnect without the worries of spreading germs or getting sick. Let us focus on your breakroom so you can continue your efforts for a successful business.


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