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The Key to Employee Happiness Begins in the Breakroom

The Key to Employee Happiness Begins in the Breakroom

The secret to keeping your employees happy and productive starts with the breakroom. By keeping your break room up-to-date and filled with perks, you’re showing your employees how much you care about them so they in turn work harder for you. Check out our list of breakroom essentials for happy, healthy employees:

Free beverages: Make sure your break room is fully stocked with coffee, tea and water at all times. We have plenty of coffee options, as well as full-service water coolers.

Healthy snacks: Healthy snacks are quickly becoming a top work perk. Companies like Google and Facebook are already catching on. US Coffee has our own custom Healthy Snack Rack program, so you can stay ahead of the times.

Condiments and utensils: Make sure you have all the necessities to make a trip to the break room seamless for employees who bring or buy lunch. We carry eco-friendly utensils as well as all the condiments. And dont forget about the coffee creamers and sugar!

Those are just a few of our break room essentials. If you start with those, you’ll be in good shape and attract top talent in your workplace. There’s always room to improve your break room and make sure your employees know how much you value them! Check out our website for more information about our full break room services.