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US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program

US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program

US Coffee’s  Healthy Snacks Program is the perfect solution to keeping on track with a healthy diet while at work. The numbers don’t lie – over 65 percent of employees want healthy snack options. Instead of mindlessly snacking on unhealthy foods at work, US Coffee provides a convenient, hassle-free way to get healthy snacks directly delivered to your office.

With delicious energy, protein, cereal and granola bars like Clif, Fiber One, Kind, Nature Valley, Nutri Grain, Powerbar, Quaker Oats and Special K bars in various flavors and size offerings, as well as oatmeal, cereal and granola options like Quaker Oats, Sugar Foods and Cheerios, it seems like there’s endless possibilities for snacks on US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program.

The options aren’t the only advantage of the program; the benefits are abundant, too. By following our Healthy Snacks Program, employees will see an increase in sustained energy throughout the work day, as well see an increase in cognitive function and decrease in stress.

Instead of employees leaving the office to grab something to tide them over until their work day is over, the program will reduce out-of-office runs and encourage employees to stay on-site.

Furthermore, employees’ job performance will increase by 25 percent if they submit to a healthier diet at work. Considering unhealthy eating habits are linked to a 66 percent increased risk of loss productivity, the program is a no-brainer.

By providing the Healthy Snack Program, companies will ultimately spend less on medical expenses. Expenses for obese employees are 42 percent more as compared to healthy employees. Companies will also decrease their risk for absenteeism; it’s 27 percent lower in employees who eat healthy and exercise regularly.

On top of all of these incredible benefits for US Coffee’s Healthy Snacks Program, providing an office perk will boost morale and make employees feel appreciated. This, in turn, makes them work harder.