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Real people, Real Experiences with the Lavit Water Cooler

Real people, Real Experiences with the Lavit Water Cooler

We’re thrilled to see real people explain their real experiences with the Lavit Cold Beverage System, available right here at US Coffee! Above is a testimonial video from the Timberland office, during which they rave about the healthy, eco-friendly, cost effective and socially responsible beverage system.

Lavit is a single cup cold beverage company that offers healthy, still and sparkling beverages in recyclable capsules. With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy a deliciously refreshing beverage, still or sparkling, made with zero preservatives and 10 calories or less. With 33 flavors and counting to choose from, your office will never get bored with a Lavit system in its break room.

As these Timberland employees prove, offering your employees a simple benefit such as a cold beverage from the Lavit system throughout their work day will make for a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. Lavit beverages are always 10 calories or less, naturally flavored, and preservative free – without sacrificing taste. Added benefits of the Lavit System are the capsules are recyclable and for every capsule consumed, Lavit contributes 1 cent to its water charity partners to promote clean drinking water for those in need.

Transform regular water into extraordinary cold beverages, giving the whole office the pick-me-up they deserve with the Lavit System! Get yours today.