Every break room needs a custom vending machine.

Vending machines not only keep your employees satisfied and energized throughout the day, they also reduce the need to leave the office for refreshments – all at no cost to your company. That’s why US Coffee offers a full-service vending program as well as a vending leasing program to accommodate offices of all sizes.






Experience the future of intelligent vending.

VendScreen is a cloud-based interactive device that redefines vending machines. With VendScreen touchscreens, you get full nutritional information directly from your vending machine – and that’s just the start of it. VendScreen touchscreens enable credit, debit, mobile payment options, loyalty program support and support for special pricing.

Key Features:

  • Accept cashless payments
  • Program two tier pricing
  • Display nutrition and calorie info
  • Integrate with VMS
  • Issue remote refunds
  • Receive DEX reporting






Cold Beverages 

Cool off with a refreshing cold beverage any time at the office with selections from brands such as Coke, Pepsi, Poland Spring, Snapple, Tropicana, Dasani, Gatorade, Nestea, Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Canada Dry & more

Snacks & Candy

We carry a huge variety of treats from your favorite brands so you can satisfy your munchies, including Ritz, Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Oreos, Reeses, Triscuits, Tostitos, Wise, Chips Ahoy, & UTZ, just to name a few

Healthy Choices

We have plenty of nutritious options to support your healthy lifestyle at work, including Nabisco 100-Calorie Packs, Nature Valley Granola, Sun Chips, Planters Nuts, Wheat Thins, Baked Lays, Cheerios & more




Full Service Program

With US Coffee’s full line vending program, you’re fully covered from start to finish. We handle everything from delivery and installation to restocking and repairs. US Coffee has a vast selection of snacks, candy, cold beverages and healthy options, the majority of which are less than a dollar, and much less expensive than a local deli or convenience store. We use the highest quality vending software to monitor your inventory and visit you on a fixed schedule to restock products. We can even customize a program to fit your company’s individual needs!

  • Free delivery, installation and repairs
  • Choice of soda and/or snack machine
  • Requirements: 75+ employees for soda, 125+ for snack
  • No equipment cost; we collect machine revenue
  • No ordering or additional service or product fee
  • Fixed/scheduled visits to restock products
  • High-end vending software monitors inventory

Leasing Program

If you’re not sold on our full service vending program but still want the convenience of a vending machine in your office, you’re in luck. As part of our leasing program, we’ll rent you the equipment of your choice, configure it to your specifications and train you on proper operation. We’ll give you a set of keys and full control, so you’re free to set your own prices and keep 100% of the revenue. Our vending services don’t just keep your office fueled throughout the day – they also reduce out-of-office runs that distract employees from their work.

  • Quarterly equipment rentals
  • Choice of soda, snack, combo and/or fridge
  • Requirements: commitment to restock with US Coffee products
  • Free repairs and training
  • Restock your product as needed; we’ll teach you how to for free
  • Purchase US Coffee products and set your own vending prices
  • Keep 100% of the revenue your machine makes


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