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Apple Pay

apple pay vendingiPhone Vending

It’s 3pm at the office and you are starving. As you head for the vending machine, you reach into your pocket only to find your phone and some pocket lint. Your heart begins to have that sinking feeling, and you begin to look around at your co-workers to see who would lend you their spare change.

Well, here is the good news, those days are long gone, thanks to Apple Pay vending service! Apple Pay services allow you to use your iPhone to pay for your favorite snacks. Here is how this vending service works.

Apple Pay has a vision of the future, one where people can leave their home with only their iPhone, and still buy absolutely whatever they want. That dream is a little closer to reality now with our Apple Pay vending service.

Using this vending service is simple, your credit card information is securely set up on your iPhone through Apple Pay, and with a few clicks of a button, your can get your favorite midday snack from your office vending machine.

Welcome to the future with Apple Pay. Our vending service is here to help you make your workplace a more inviting place for employees and customers alike. For more information about our Apple Pay vending service , contact US Coffee today at 1-800-776-2866.