Flavia Fabulous Froths

Flavia Fabulous Froths

Preparing the same cup of coffee day in and day out, using the usual creamers and sweeteners becomes slightly routine and even down right boring. Of course there are dozens of regionally grown coffees and even specialty crafted blends of multi-regional coffees to try, but what happens when that is simply not enough to satisfy your taste buds?

If you are like many coffee fanatics that are simply looking to add something new to your gourmet coffee, then we have exactly what you want. Flavia Fabulous froths will turn your ordinary kitchen into a café with its own barista in a matter of no time! Flavia Fabulous Froths come in Original and Mocha flavors, and are incredibly easy to prepare.

Flavia Fabulous Froth Original offers full, rich and creamy fresh froth flavor that you would find prepared at your favorite local coffeehouse. Use this delicious froth to create your very own lattes and cappuccinos, or jazz up your cup of regular coffee. Either way, Flavia Fabulous Froth Original is a splendid way to create your perfect cup of gourmet coffee.

Flavia Fabulous Froths Mocha embodies the same rich creamy froth as the original, with notes of mocha to give your morning cup of coffee a little something extra. Flavia Fabulous Froth is excellent for making lattes or cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home. You will swear there is a barista living in your pantry, after one sip of Flavia Fabulous Froths!

Flavia Fabulous Froths are just one fabulous addition to your everyday cup of coffee that is offered by US Coffee.  We carry I wide selection of gourmet coffees that would pair extraordinarily well with one of the many Flavia Fabulous Froth selections. Not to mention US Coffee carries a wide selection of office snacks and supplies to fully stock your office break room. Shop US Coffee today, and explore the endless beverage possibilities.