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US Coffee Takes a Tour of the City of Saints Roasting Plant

US Coffee Takes a Tour of the City of Saints Roasting Plant

Last Thursday, the US Coffee sales team embarked on a fun and informational field trip to the City of Saints coffee tasting bar and roasting plant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. City of Saints Coffee Roasters are a community of passionate professionals dedicated to roasting and serving the best coffee possible. US Coffee has partnered with these dedicated roasters to bring our clients delicious, locally roasted gourmet coffee.

At the City of Saints roasting headquarters, you’re encapsulated in authentic roastery – surrounded by huge burlap sacks of single-origin coffee beans from third world locations like Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen, Colombia, Guatemala and more.

We also got to indulge in a tasting of their impressive roasts. We sipped on their signature drip, the Denizen blend, a harmonious roast that features an orange blossom, berry and plum body, as well as their Ethiopia Misty Valley blend, a fruity roast filled with delicate notes of blueberry, hibiscus and vanilla. We also enjoyed some of their signature cold brew. The group consensus was all three were some of the best coffees we’ve ever had the pleasure of sipping – and that’s coming from a seasoned team of coffee experts!

At the center of the headquarters, you’ll find the Loring S70 Peregrine Smart Roaster. On our tour of the facility, we learned how the coffees are roasted to perfection with their innovative roasting machinery and technology. The City of Saints roastery also has a coffee tasting bar that’s open to consumers. It creates a warm, inviting environment where customers can get a real taste of how their coffee is produced and brought directly to their cup.

We left our tour wanting more, highly caffeinated and excited to sell the amazing coffee products we tried to our customers.  To learn more about US Coffee’s awesome partnership with City of Saints, click here