Flavia Tap ‘N Brew Touchless Brewers

Introducing Flavia Tap ‘N Brew Touchless Brewers

COVID-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things—including brewing drinks. With the Tap N’ Brew mobile app, you can make your FLAVIA® favorites without touching the C600 brewer screen.

The FLAVIA® Tap N’ Brew app mirrors the FLAVIA® C600 brewer screen’s functionality so you can enjoy touchless brewing from your phone!

FLAVIA® Tap N’ Brew App was built exclusively for FLAVIA® C600 brewers that have FLAVIA® IQ enabled. Available September 2020 for free download on Google Play and the App Store® for iPhone.

How to Tap ‘N Brew with FLAVIA Touchless Mobile Connectivity

  1. Use the in-app scanner to scan the unique QR code on the brewer screen
  2. Follow the in-app prompts to select your drink
  3. Insert your Freshpack (after the brewer drawer automatically opens!)
  4. Customize your drink within the app
  5. Grab and go enjoy!

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