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Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

herbal tea

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

It’s no surprise that in our health conscious society, varieties of herbal tea and specialty tea have become popular beverage alternatives.

Although the methods of developing the tea are similar, herbal tea isproduced by infusing the florals, herbs, fruits into the steeping tea and brewing until the flavors become one.

Created from natural and organic sources the benefits of drinking herbal tea are numerous.

A sounder mind and body:  When consumed several times during the day, herbal tea acts medicinally on the body resulting in a calm and relaxed state of mind and being.  Your staff will appreciate this beverage option to achieve their highest effectiveness in the busy office.

Heart healthy:  The antioxidant properties in specialty tea has been found to support heart and cardiovascular health.  These Polyphenols help the body fight off the ever damaging free radicals seeking to compromise the immune system.  A sedentary office worker may be able to fend off an impending attack by these free radicals, so offering the option of herbal tea is actually a preventive, life saving gift to your fellow employees.

Toxins go bye bye:  Depending on the type of infused botanicals in the herbal tea and specialty tea, for example chrysanthemum, which diffuses toxins in the liver, many medical conditions may be avoided by herbal tea consumption, creating a safer work environment and a thankful staff.

Digestive issues:  another one of the benefits of drinking herbal tea is how it assists in digestion and helps correct stomach problems.  We all know that stress plays a prominent role in work situations and what better relief to have available to your employees than specialty tea, particularly cinnamon, which has a calming effect and promotes healthy circulation; fennel-a digestive aid and a soother of upper respiratory problems, and ginseng which is believed to stimulate vitality and help the body stay healthy…to name but a few.

Sleep aid:  efficiency in the workplace can only be achieved if the staff is well rested.  The inclusion in your specialty tea supplies of Chamomile herbal tea may assist in this endeavor.  The calming qualities of this herb have been shown to promote relaxation, and therefore, improved sleep habits.  No office breakroom should be without this asset.

Create that healthy, comfortable, safe environment for your office staff by considering the many options of herbal teas for their enjoyment and well-being. Contact Us Coffee today, we offer so much more than just coffee.


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