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Limited Edition K-Cups for Spring

Just in time for spring: Limited Edition K-Cups

tazo calm teaAh, Spring! We thought it would never arrive. Here at US Coffee, we are embracing the new season with the return of our limited edition K-Cups of gourmet coffee, and a few favorite herbal teas, from our assortment. Treat your hardworking staff to some of the selections listed below.

Green Mountain Island Coconut Limited Edition K-cups – take them away to an exotic locale for their daily break. Paired with a toasted bagel spread with mango cream herbal tea cheese, Island Coconut Limited Edition K-Cups offer a gourmet coffee that has a creamy body and mouth feel, with a tropical flavor that is sure to please any avid coffee drinker at your workplace. This treat, made with a lightly roasted bean, is one of several gourmet coffee, and some tea, beverages created to capture the flavors of the very anticipated, pleasant weather season ahead.

Bigelow Tea Caffeine-free Herbal Teas – Sold in a carton, this assortment contains the variety of herbal teas that your health conscious staff would love to see in their break room. It is a known fact that herbal teas contain antioxidants and the added bonus of mint medley, cranberry Apple, orange, and spice flavors are bound to be a hit with tea fans.

Tazo Herbal Tea Calm Blend – Chamomile blossoms, blackberry leaves and rose petals are the infused flavors of this relaxing herbal tea blend. During a hectic business day, your workers will appreciate five minutes with this remarkable tea selection and have them returning to their desks rejuvenated, at peace, and ready to conquer tasks.

Green Mountain Summer Sunrise Blend Limited Edition K-Cups – With light floral and citrus notes and a sweet, clean finish, Green Mountain Summer Sunrise Blend Limited Edition K-Cups will introduce a sunny start to your employees’ workday. Made with 100% Arabica beans, this gourmet coffee flavor works wonderfully well with either a bowl of fresh fruit at breakfast or a power bar at break time. Listen to the accolades when your staff recognizes this bright, cheerful gourmet coffee as their seasonal favorite.

At US Coffee, we are proud of the eclectic collection of gourmet coffee styles, offered both in K-Cups and ground, and herbal teas  containing ingredients from both local and exotic locales. Your staff will know you care when you supply the break room with the many choices available on our website. Remember, a few gourmet coffee blends are limited edition only.


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