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Our Water Services Are a Refreshingly Healthy Feature for Your Staff

Our Water Services Are a Refreshingly Healthy Feature for Your Staff

No matter the time of year, never underestimate the negative and dangerous impact dehydration could have on your employees. In fact, it is even more likely to dehydrate quicker in the cooler seasons than the warmer ones. Many people naturally drink less water when it is cooler out. Not only does this pose a potentially dangerous health risk, it could lead to other undesirable effects such as poor cognitive function and fatigue.

During our experience in providing businesses with the necessities and tools they need to build a healthy work environment for their employees, we can tell you that water services is a huge factor in health and even office morale. Sometimes a little bit of appreciation and thoughtfulness goes a long way. Here is some information about our two different water services that we offer.

Point-of-Use Coolers:
• Unlimited hot and cold, fresh, filtered water for one set monthly fee. Never run out of water again!
• Our state of the art commercial grade carbon water filter removes 99.99% of all impurities in water. We even change the filters for you on a regular basis.
• No more storing or changing those large, heavy bottles! No more spilling or straining your muscles!
• More cost effective than bottles! Saves you time, storage space, and money!

Bottled Water Coolers:
• 5 gallonsof bottled spring water direct from our pure mountain source.
• All of our bottled coolers and 5 gallon water bottles now come with patented SPILL PROOF technology. No more spilling while trying to load a bottle!
• Simply let us know when you are ready for another shipment of pure mountain sourced water, and we will ship it right to you.

Both of our water services allows you to provide your employees with fresh and pure water to power them through their day. If you are unsure which of our water services best suits your office’s needs, contact U.S. Coffee today!


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